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 Siapa saja yg memproduksi diecast 1/400

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PostSubject: Siapa saja yg memproduksi diecast 1/400   Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:24 pm

Mungkin tidak sedikit teman2 yg bertanya2 siapa saja yg memproduksi diecast pesawat 1/400. Ternyata industri ini banyak sekali lika likunya. Ulasan dibawah ini ditulis oleh ownernya airparadigm.com. Jangan ditanggapi terlalu serius banget...tapi daripada temen2 bingung juga....ini hanya sekedar ulasan saja:

Aeroclassics, Euroclassics, Green Box Models, CJ Wings, Latin Classics (part 2), Pan Am Models: Models produced by Andrew Klein, produced initially as decaled and screw based models, production then moved to Witty Factory, now produced in their own factory. Factory production now includes Aero500 in 1:500 scale and Western Models in 1:200 scale.

Dragon Wings: Models produced within it's factories. 1:400 airliners are the red headed step child of the thousands of various things they produced. First model began as all plastic, then diecast with plastic wings. Models were produced for Jet-X using Dragon Wings moulds before the production partnership was dissolved. Dragon Wings still distributes Jet-X models. Moulds including L1011, 727, MD80 and others were damaged at one point and never reproduced. The best mould replication including the MD80 came from a pair of designers/engineers that no longer work for the factory.

Jet-X. Initial partnership of US based partners, approached multiple companies to produce models, finally reached agreement with Dragon Wings. Production then moved to Johan Chan factory to include BBX Moulds and new moulds starting with the BAe146. Large scale production models tested with another factory (name seems to evade me but point of contact was Steve).

Aviation400: Produced in the Witty Factory along side Aviation200 /Inflight200/Inflight500.

JC Wings: Produced in Johan Chan Factory includes subname FlightLine400.

Sovereign Wings: Contract models for UK based organizaation. Models include contracts for both Gemini Jets and Witty Factory

Gemini Jets: Initially produced alongside Herpa, then kicked out, handful of models produced in the Phoenix factory (Sanry). Then expanded and grown to include production in multiple factories including the JC factory, Phoenix etc depending on where the mould for the model is located.

Phoenix: factory within itself. Initially produced models for TucanoLine before producing models on their own. Also includes models for Gemini Jets.

TucanoLine: Initially used Dragon Wings moulds, before using their own moulds
produced at the now Phoenix factory. Once at Phoenix factory model subname included Golden Wings.

Herpa: Models produced in Hogan factory. Partnership disbanded and now produced at Witty factory.

SMA: Partnership of 3 US investors to Witty factory. Eventually disbanded due to disagreement with factory partners. Moulds initially used at the factory before being reworked and used by Aeroclassics

BigBird400: Models produced initially by Hong Kong partners inlcuding JohanChan, Jimmy etc... Partnership disbanded, and models then released under the BigBird400 name by Aeroclassics.

BigBird400 mk2: Copied moulds released by HK partners at the Witty factory then used by Aviation400.

Aurora400: Models contracted by Don Kaylor @ JetStreamsUSA using GJ/AC moulds

RetroJets: Models contracted by Dave Wilson @ JetCollector using GJ moulds

AeroJets: Models contracted by AeroJets owner.

Dream Jets/BiggestBird/SkyJets400: Models contracted by SkyJets400 partners.

Latin Classics: Models produced in partnership with Luis Garcia of AdamJets initially using GJ moulds then AC moulds.

BlackBox: Models contracted by CollectableJets #1 owner.

737Club: Models contracted for club predecessor to SMA using GJ moulds.

Blue Angle: Models using copied BigBird400 moulds (AV4 moulds), contracted and produced at Witty factory.


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PostSubject: Re: Siapa saja yg memproduksi diecast 1/400   Thu Feb 17, 2011 6:46 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Siapa saja yg memproduksi diecast 1/400   Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:47 pm

Nice info om polar... thanks goodz
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Junior High Diecast Aviator

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PostSubject: Re: Siapa saja yg memproduksi diecast 1/400   Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:40 pm

Nambah ilmu nih, walaupun belum berani naik kelas... cool
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PostSubject: Re: Siapa saja yg memproduksi diecast 1/400   

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Siapa saja yg memproduksi diecast 1/400
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